eBay loves me

Vintage Kenneth Cole heels on eBay for 99c. It's just so perfect

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One free Saturday...

Enjoy my bike ride, Huntington beach, and my new sunglasses. Also my inability to avoid American apparel downtown

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Goodwill Saturdays with mom! Everything under 20!

Well the steal of the day was my $3 olive green cable knit cardigan! And to top off a three dollar frame for my wall, a new navy blue crochet bag and my freaking ridiculous new obsession with my $6 shoes...

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New finds :)

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Shop my closet

I am passing on these pieces to those willing to adopt

Leopard faux fur coat $40 size S vintage

Vintage Gold and cream lace blouse $10 size M thrifted

I don't know how to describe this top, but I'm wearing it in here if this helps hah
$7 size L thrifted

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Day 2 picture of someone you've been closest to the longest

I'm about to get murdered for putting these up, but I'm just going to say family counts. Here is a horrible picture of me and my sisters on a tour boat loool and a picture of my mom and her gorilla child, thank you momma for always telling me I was pretty!


How am I not on board with the 30 day picture game?

Day 1 picture challenge! A picture of me with 15 facts... Hm

Okie dokie... Follow my 30 days!

1. My closet will make you sick
2. I still get pissed when I've watched a movie and the next time I see it, it doesn't end my way
3. I only have five friends, normally if you are anyone else, good luck ever seeing me as all my free time is dedicated to them. My friends have all been through extremely gnarly stuff. They're all amazing and strong and I love them!
4. I want to speak to Harry Houdini and have him share all his secrets with me from the grave in the less creakiest way possible cause I hate ghosts
5. My nails are always painted
6. I love (and I mean love) the Michael Jackson experience on wii
7. I want to be a therapist or have some sort of job that includes fixing peoples self esteem and food
8. My boyfriend makes sample based hip hop that is glorious
9. My sisters are all power women, I love them all!
10. I could be vegetarian but not vegan because of cheese, but maybe vegan cause of avocados
11. I love my styling job...ugh. And my clients!
12. Amelie poulain is my favorite film and anything else by Jean Paul jeunet. I recommend delicatessen!
13. I've had my raccoon stuffed animal since I was 4. He has seen as much of the world as I have!
14. I have literally perfect parents my dad is the nicest human being on the planet and my mom is the funniest cutesy person, everyone should meet then
15. My best friends ceasar milan-ed my puppy and he's brilliant!


Agora's in Irvine

Okay so in all reality I have nowhere to begin, I dined at by far one of the most exciting and reasonably priced places in too long today and omg I'm almost dead from food coma writing this. So where to begin, if you've been to a Brazilian restaurant before you'll know that meats are amazing but pricey. So my friends enjoy a 23$ all you can eat every kind of meat experience filled with veggies, incredible staff, and so many different steaks, sausages, and meat wrapped in bacon carved before your very eyes without you even having to leave the table. I recommend the skirt steak, Brazilian sausage, and round cap sirloin. Also make sure to cleanse your palette between meats with the cinnamon banana and enjoy crispy asparagus if your saving room for meat! Died

Notice the green circles on our tables, green means bring me more meat please. Yeah died I told you!

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Vogue spring/summer 2011 collection book favorites

Enjoy part one of my favorites!

Part 1, I've barely gotten started...

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Flower dress

A new outfit from zara, paired with a pair of shoes everyone should have

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The make up show- LA!

YSL, inglot, stila! Were all here! Enjoy my lunch, maxi delanies unicorn helmet, and the press table worked by yours truly and jessica stalker!

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Louis Vuitton behind the scenes

Well as circumstances may be I am here back stage at Louis Vuitton with team Couture Beauty on hair and make up! Beautiful...

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